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sustainably, responsibly and economically

Innovation at the intersection of water, soil, and plants.

Across the globe, we embrace the challenges our customers face every day. We work hard to enable the sustainable stewardship of vital natural resources and to meet the rapidly growing demands of current and future generations. We focus on engineering solutions to optimize the conditions in which water, soil, and plants come together — our goal: To create bountiful croplands and vibrant landscapes, while using fewer natural resources.

Soil Moisture Management for Agriculture

AquiMax® is an injectable soil amendment that can increase plant-available water and improve soil moisture uniformity.

Because every droplet matters.

We strive to enable a secure and sustainable supply of agricultural products while preserving water resources and quality everywhere.

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Tria Global Solutions is committed to sustainable stewardship of natural resources. Reach out and we'd love to share with you our plans and thoughts for our industry.

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